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Endorsements from BranchOut

From: Jessica Enneby Eldenstjärna Jul 4, 2011 With a capacity to distinguish what’s important and the power to make sincere connections Olle is a great partner and Coach

From: Niclas Hammarlund Jun 19, 2011 Creative, happy and seeks to support poeple where they are

From: Donna A Shaban Jun 17, 2011 Olle makes the toughest challenges seem simple. Always exceeds my expectations.

From: Mats Goldberg Apr 15, 2011 Olle is a true businessman and there is no other man I would trust more when it comes to good investment advice.

From: Ewa Goos Apr 10, 2011 Olle is a true entrepreneur with a creative mind and a pure heart.

From: Yvonne Magnusson Mar 13, 2011 Olle is an outstanding coach that brings you to insights in a very structured way with tools that make a difference in actions.

From: Einar Steinshaug Mar 4, 2011 En god mann og en god Kollega

From: Jessica Runemark Feb 24, 2011 Inspirerande, kunnig och empatisk

From: Rolf Kenmo Feb 21, 2011 Olle is efficient and result-oriented!

From: Christer B Jansson Feb 15, 2011 En starkt tänkande personlighet smed ett stort intresse i nya spännande affärsidéer. Olle är lätt att föra en dialog med för att nå resultat

From: Peter HillFeb 9, 2011  My contacts with Olle has been nothing but positive and creative.

From: Åsa Lövberg Feb 7, 2011 Active business man with many ideas. Great!

From: Annika Widén Feb 4, 2011 Olle har varit en inspirationskälla för mig i mitt jobb som chef många gånger.

From: Siw Lövkvist Jan 31, 2011the most encouraging person there is!

From: Coralie Nellhard Jan 29, 2011 Olle has a unique combination of creativity, strong work ethic, and management skills.

From: Karin Tenelius Jan 26, 2011 He is a business and networking wizard! A very talented entrepreneur.

From: Ola Kallemur Jan 20, 2011 Innovative, speedy and social. It was an experience working with him during the dotcom era.

From: Tord Sand Jan 11, 2011 Olle is one of my best contacts in businesssector, he always deliver more than you expect and with great passion he is top notch!

recommendations for Olle

Partner ResursHuset nitton 98 AB

“Olle is not just a great pedagogue. He contribute to other people with both knowledge, will power, and a sense of street smart manners. Olle is not late in helping others out of good will. He easily detects details others might have missed and for all I have witnessed and experienced a fantastic coach and speaker!” August 7, 2008

Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity

1st Mats Goldberg,
hired Olle as a Financial Advisor in 2006, and hired Olle more than once

Owner New Values Consulting

“Olle is one of the best networkers,collegue and coach i have been working with.
He have also a great network, and sharp solutions on every problems that might come in our way, i can giwe my best recommendations to Olle and his powerful skills!!

Wish him the best of luck in the future…

/Tord G. Sand” January 25, 2008

1st Tord SandFounder, TeamEurope & Marknadsledarna
worked directly with Olle at New Values Consulting

“Olle brings clarity, focus and results to the people he works with. He is amazing on stage and makes easy contact with an audience. He gets involved in his clients in a trustworthy and compassionate way, and I can warmly recommend working with him.” May 25, 2004

1st Anna Bergstrand
was Olle’s client

Managing Director Netcom Consultants Asia-Pacific

“I recruited Olle to complement the skills of Netcom Consultants in Singapore, to also have the possibility to replace me as Managing Director of the company upon my return to Sweden. Olle brought a whole new perspective on business ideas, the sales process as well as the execution of ongoing projects. His enthusiasm and business skills creates a strong environment for company growth and success.” May 4, 2006

1st Peo GaasvikManaging Director, Netcom Consultants Asia-Pacific
managed Olle at Netcom Consultants Asia-Pacific

International Account Director Cap Gemini Asia Pacific

“Olle has been my mentor and leader in the Cap Gemini (CG) Telecom & Media practice when I was with CG for 3 years from February 1997 to December 1999.

We worked together and successfully won 3 mobile customers in Taiwan. We also collaborated in Malaysia in business development courting 2 mobile telecom customers. Olle was part of the pioneer and a director in the Telecom & Media team established in the new CG regional office in Singapore in 1996 and was tasked to deliver telecom solutions and services to telecom and service providers in the Asia region.

Olle is an expert in business and customer support systems in telecom. He is a fierce competitor in sales and business development. A tireless worker, preparing for presentations, demonstrations and negotiations and yet always finding time to mentor a newbie in the industry like me. Although I had 13 years of IT experience in consulting and sales, I was new in the telecom industry when I joined CG.

I find Olle a true business leader, a collaborative co-worker who never fails to give 110% and a loyal friend.

It is my honor and pleasure to recommend Olle for any business endeavors and I wish him all the best for his continued success.

Loh Foo Voon, Singapore
+(65) 9615 7756” November 13, 2009

1st Foo-Voon LohRegional Sales Director, Datacraft Asia Ltd
worked indirectly for Olle at Cap Gemini Asia Pacific

“I have been closely associated with Olle in the start-up phase of Capgemini Asia. He has been involved in a number of telco initiatives from the exploratory marketing stage to actual project management. I have found him to be an effective negotiator in multi-cultural environments.This, combined with a wide knowledge and experience in mobile technologies, has enabled Olle to play a pivotal role in our venture.” November 13, 2009

1st Vincent BillietInternational Business Development Director, Cap Gemini
managed Olle indirectly at Cap Gemini Asia Pacific

International Account Director Cap Gemini

“Olle is one of the most positive and goal-oriented business developers I’ve worked with, and has a habit of always finding the approach that turns a wary prospect into a happy customer. I can heartily recommend him for any international account management or sales-related tasks, especially within the field of telecom.” August 14, 2006

1st Mats NordgrenSenior Consultant, Telecoms Systems, Cap Gemini Ernst&Young
worked with Olle at Cap Gemini

“We have worked together at Cap Gemini, but had contact over the years and I followed Olle’s work. Olle is a determined and goal-oriented manager. He is structured and able to manage very large and compex projects, in different and often unusual environments – from a bank in Sweden to mobile operator start-ups in India. Olle has great social skills.” August 11, 2006

1st Regina NilssonManagement Consultant, Namastech