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The buying behaviour has changed: Learn how to sell more

Buyers dont wait to be contacted to get to know the sellers products and services.

  • New behaviours

    Buyers use social media to explore solutions avalaible prior to purchase.

  • Influence early on the buying journey

    In this environment it is more importat than ever that sales organisations adapt to the new behaviours and develop their social and cultural competence.

  • Social sellers sell more

    78% of the social sellers sell more than their colleges who don’t use their social network.  Source: LinkedIn survey

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The entrepreneur who is a leader in social innovation and transformation

He has studied sales and buying behaviors in his own business such as Telemarketing, sales training, digital marketing and other fast  growing companies.

An insight is meeting the egocentric buyers by studying the digital buying journeys... and organize accordingly.

I share some elusive secrets

Social selling is fun

When you "stop selling" you sell more by helping the customer buy. The traditional way of selling becomes increasingly difficult for digitization has forever changed the conditions for sales and marketing.

Social selling is effective

Business is done between people. As you exercise your social skills, your social selling score improves and it is a sign that sales will soon improve.

Marketing and customer service contribute even more to sales

When marketing and sales merge, Social sellings is the answer to how business is developed socially and digitally. Business generation is a team sport where buyers meet in new ways. The entire company and its employees are engaged and shares values in relevant content experiences.


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