Affärsnätverkande i Sverige AB (ANIS) has the following policy to comply with the terms of the GDPR, or General Data Protection Act.
The purpose of GDPR is for individuals to have better control over personal information stored by companies.
This applies to any form of data that can be considered personal or which makes it possible to identify a person as an individual i.e. Name, address, email address,social security number etc.
Our use of personal information is for all data that is personal that has been provided by individuals by e.g. enrolments to courses and newsletters, participation in courses, expressions of interest, contact inquiries on our website or purchase of e-learning.
We use the information to deliver services, promote services and products, administer payments and warranties etc.
When registering personal information, we tell you what the information is be used for. When we make mailings or otherwise use the personal information, the mailing contains a description of why the recipient receives it.
Your right to information you have as an individual the right to request to know what information we have about you and the right to request that your data be deleted. You are also entitled to have incorrect data corrected.
Contact in data protection issues: Peter Meurling business networking in Sweden AB Falugatan 3, 113 32 Stockholm, Sweden.