Preparing for a distributor search service meeting requires thoughtful consideration of various aspects of your business and market strategy. 

GTM distributor questions
Go To Market distributor questions

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Here are key questions to help you prepare effectively:

  1. Business and Product Overview:

   – Can you provide a brief overview of your business and its history?

   – What are the key features and benefits of your products or services?

   – What makes your products or services unique in the market?


  1. Current Market Presence:

   – What markets are you currently operating in?

   – How have your products or services been received in these markets?


  1. Goals for Swedish Market Entry:

   – What are your primary objectives for entering the Swedish market?

   – What are your short-term and long-term goals in this market?


  1. Target Audience and Customer Demographics:

   – Who is the target audience for your products in Sweden?

   – Have you conducted any market research specific to the Swedish market?


  1. Competitive Landscape:

   – Who are your main competitors in Sweden, and how do your offerings compare?

   – What is your competitive advantage or unique selling proposition in the context of the Swedish market?


  1. Distribution Preferences:

   – What type of distribution model are you considering (exclusive, non-exclusive, etc.)?

   – Are there specific regions or areas in Sweden where you want to focus initially?


  1. Partnership Expectations:

   – What are your expectations from a distributor in terms of sales, marketing support, and logistics?

   – Are there any specific qualifications or experiences you are looking for in a distributor?


  1. Support and Resources:

   – What kind of support and resources can you provide to a distributor in Sweden?

   – Do you plan to offer training, marketing materials, or other resources?


  1. Regulatory Compliance:

   – Are there any industry-specific regulations or compliance requirements in Sweden that you are aware of?

   – How do you plan to address these regulatory aspects in collaboration with a distributor?


  1. Budget and Financial Considerations:

    – What is your budget for distribution and marketing activities in Sweden?

    – Have you set any sales targets or financial expectations for the Swedish market?


  1. Communication and Management:

    – How do you plan to manage and communicate with your distributor in Sweden?

    – Are there any cultural considerations or language barriers that you have prepared for?

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We’re super excited to learn more about your business aspirations and how we can support you in conquering new markets with our Go To Market (GTM) and export program. But hey, we can’t do it without your insights!

We want to make sure our program is tailor-made for YOU, and that’s why we’re itching to hear all about your goals, challenges, and needs. This isn’t just any run-of-the-mill questionnaire; it’s your chance to shape the perfect export journey for your company!

These questions will not only help you prepare for the meeting but also provide the distributor search service with a comprehensive understanding of your business, goals, and needs, allowing them to better assist you in finding the right distribution partner in Sweden.

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