Unlock Your Hidden Productivity Hours

Olle Leckne
Olle Leckne

Are you constantly fighting a losing battle against overflowing inboxes and endless drafts? It’s time to discover the hidden hours in your workday.

Well I did, I started out using ChatGPT early and intensively and tried several plugins and browser add-ons.

Fun, but the conclusion is a lot of time investment to find lack of integration with the tools I use everyday.





Let me introduce the AI-powered writing assistant within Google Workspace

Unlock Your Hidden Productivity Hours with Gemini Business
Source: Gemini business onboarding

With Gemini business you are ready to streamline tasks and reclaim time.

Key Benefits:

    • Time savings on repetitive emails and routine documents.
    • Reduced mental fatigue from mundane writing tasks.
    • Empowered focus on high-value work.
Rewrite or ask something
Rewrite or ask something

Ready to find your hidden hours?

Stay tuned for our next post as we dive deeper into Gemini Business features.

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