Generation X. They are born between roughly 1965 and 1980, came of age during a time of economic uncertainty, latchkey childhoods, and a questioning of traditional authority.

Let’s try to understand Gen X better


  • One reason is: Gen X sits on the board and many are owners of some pretty sucessful businesses.
  • Well, when you meet it would be a good idea to understand their preferences in terms of thinking, behaviour and decision making

Here’s how these experiences often shape Generation X persons:


  • Resourceful and Independent: Witnessing economic shifts and sometimes witnessing parental struggles, Gen Xers tend to be self-sufficient and resourceful. They value independence and may be skeptical of authority figures.
  • Adaptable and Pragmatic: Having grown up in a time of change, Gen X is comfortable adapting to new situations and prioritizes practicality in their thinking.
  • Cynical and Disillusioned: Some Gen Xers may exhibit a sense of cynicism due to witnessing social and economic shifts.


  • Work-Life Balance: Gen X often values work-life balance and may be less likely to prioritize work above all else. They may seek flexible work arrangements.
  • Tech-Savvy but Selective: While comfortable with technology, Gen X may be more selective in their tech use and may not be as reliant on social media as younger generations.
  • Fiscally Conservative: Having witnessed economic instability, Gen Xers often prioritize financial security and may be cautious spenders.


  • Data-Driven and Skeptical: Gen X tends to gather information and research options thoroughly before making decisions. They may be skeptical of marketing tactics and prefer a direct approach.
  • Collaborative and Consensus-Oriented: Having grown up in a time that questioned traditional hierarchies, Gen X may value collaboration and seeking input before making decisions.
  • Results-Oriented: They tend to focus on achieving goals and seeing concrete results from their decisions.

Note: These are broad characteristics, and individual Gen Xers will have their own unique experiences shaping their perspectives. There may also be variations within the generation based on socioeconomic background and ethnicity.

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