Generation Z, following millennials and typically born between the late 1990s and mid-2010s, has come of age in a very different world.

Here’s how their thinking, behavior, and decision-making reflect that:


  • Digital Natives: Unlike millennials who adapted to technology, Gen Z is completely immersed in it. They’re adept at navigating digital tools and information, but also cautious of online privacy and security.
  • Entrepreneurial and Pragmatic: Witnessing economic struggles and student loan burdens, Gen Z is financially focused and may prioritize career paths with clear financial returns. They’re also interested in entrepreneurship and side hustles.
  • Highly Socially Conscious: Growing up with social justice movements and global issues, Gen Z prioritizes social responsibility. They expect brands and organizations to be ethical and environmentally conscious.

Generation Z


  • Selective Social Media Users: While comfortable online, Gen Z may be more selective about social media platforms and prioritize authenticity over picture-perfect portrayals.
  • Financially Savvy: Aware of economic realities, Gen Z is often budget-conscious and may value experiences over expensive possessions.
  • Actively Engaged: Gen Z is likely to be involved in social activism and advocacy for causes they care about, often leveraging social media to raise awareness.


  • Highly Researched and Data-Driven: Gen Z extensively researches and compares options before making decisions, using online reviews and peer recommendations heavily.
  • Individualistic but Open-Minded: They value self-expression and unique identities but are also accepting of diverse viewpoints and backgrounds.
  • Fluid and Adaptable: Gen Z is comfortable with change and readily pivots to new information and situations. They may prioritize flexibility in work and personal lives.

Remember, these are general trends. Individuals within Gen Z will have their own experiences shaping their perspectives.

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