Let’s explore the graph (i.e. cycle of a development and the chasm) for a better understanding on whats going on.

1991 Geoffrey Moore invented the ”The Chasm” a particular stage in the life cycle of business opportunities. The Chasm appears as a choice where you go forward or stop.

Social selling is a buzz word that has attracted attention lately. Social selling is more than a buzz – it’s ”a chasm to cross” choice for marketing and sales executives.

Social selling is about leveraging your social network to find the right prospects, build trusted relationships, and ultimately, achieve your sales goals. This sales technique enables better sales lead generation and sales prospecting process and eliminates the need for cold calling. Building and maintaining relationships is easier within the network that you and your customer trust. Source: LinkedIn

Non social selling behavior are creating experiences too

Well, there is a lot of non social selling going on. Have you noticed?

If you have a feeling of being upset, then it would most probably be somebody creating an experience which is unintentional (somebody is doing their best). Nobody wants to create bad experiences intentionally, right!? Creating experiences intentionally or unintentionally is one of the social skills required in succesful social selling. Learn more about experience design by checking out X When experience meets Business by Brian Solis

”The reason for non social selling could be ignorance or reaction.”

Reaction to change is perfectly normal.

It’s a well known phenomena that people react with fear when they are challenged. How reaction is recognized is by some of the following statements ”we haven’t done it before, we don’t know if it’s going to last, what we are doing is proven to work, we don’t have a budget for it” or similar. Well, when people can cope with change they go forward using courage.

Crossing the Chasm gives high rewards as Geoffrey Moore explains in his popular book ”Crossing the Chasm”.

”The most rewarding reward is the additional contribution of incoming visitors and business from selling socially”

Olle Leckne is an entrepreneur who has used LinkedIn since 2004 and his mission is to help people connect with opportunities they normally would not get. LinkedIn represents a new world of possibilities – it’s just one thing. You got to know how to network. The big issue for most people is that they haven’t got the social skills. Digital social skills. Olle Leckne and Peter Meurling created a training program and then an e-course to resolve this issue and assist business leaders to upgrade their social selling skills. They named the e-course Selling-Socially.com. You can find more info om the Social selling era and the rewards of implementing social selling in large corporations by clicking this link.

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