The digitization has changed sales and marketing forever. Learn social selling. Buyers don’t wait to be called upon to get to know new products and services. Buyers use social media to explore available solutions and look for recommendations from peers prior to purchase.

Learn new skills and influence others

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In this new environment it is more important than ever to adjust to the new buying process. Organizations who embrace social selling, get the opportunity to influence buyers during their purchase journey. In effect influencing and adding value will increase sales and profitability.


The iPhone image shows the Social selling score, which measures the social selling skills. The social selling index compiles all LinkedIn activities into an index from 0-100.

When practising social selling you will find that your social selling score increases and by then you know that soon your possibilities will increase as well as your sales performance.


Stop selling and sell more

It might seem strange, but it’s true. Let’s take a closer look. One of the good signs that Social selling works is that you receive more visitors on your LinkedIn profile.

It is because when your personal brand becomes better known and more people become interested in what you contribute with. When social selling scores is approaching 90 exciting things happening. In my case, the number of incoming requests increased dramatically and I got business assignments (i.e. future booking of a Social selling workshop at customer site) actually without having met the person IRL.

One of the benefits with social selling is that it increases the number of incoming requests

Traditional sales is mainly about seeking contact with potential clients which leads to meetings and eventually business. Social selling contributes to the booking of meetings thanks to incoming requests.

The LinkedIn network increases your range

Through social selling, you can achieve more when you use the LinkedIn network. A person who has 500 contacts in their network has about 9-10 million indirect contacts. With LinkedIn advanced search, you can search and find your ideal customers and connect with them.

In the next blog post I will cover how you can increase the range even further by using Pulse, the LinkedIn publishing tool. It’s a professional blog that reaches many and can be were helpful to build a community of followers.

Have a great time leveraging your network with social selling/Olle

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    2 replies to "Learn Social selling and sell more"

    • Daniel Asplin

      I came here from Aquipa, can you share what projects you have successfully marketed?

      • Olle Leckne

        Hello Daniel and welcome to the Selling Socially. I recommend you to start viewing the video which explores New Possibilities with Social Selling, in Empire State Building March 25 th, 2015: Corporate Clients and LinkedIn share valuable information about the evolution of sales. In this video LinkedIn, together with corporate clients, show how we are entering the Social Selling Era. To be more specific you will learn how three corporations use LinkedIn and social selling for marketing and sales. A recent Pulse post titled (Swedish) ”Hur Social Selling har ökat min produktivitet med 200%!” could also be of interest Best Regards/Olle

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