Unlocking Creativity: AI for Ideation and Problem-Solving

Sometimes it feels like you’ve hit a creative wall.

That’s where AI can be your secret weapon, helping you think outside the box, reimagine possibilities, and overcome those frustrating blocks.

Get ready to unleash your inner genius!

Olle Leckne
Olle Leckne

My goal is to empower everyone to understand and benefit from AI. Whether you want to streamline your work, generate new ideas, or unlock hidden insights, AI can help you achieve more.

Hack 1: Brainstorming with Your AI Sidekick

Need a fresh perspective or some wild ideas? AI can be your brainstorming buddy!

  • Idea Generation: Stuck on a problem? Let AI provide prompts, suggest alternative angles, or even generate surprising solutions.
  • Content Inspiration: AI tools can analyze your existing content and suggest ways to repurpose or repackage it.

Hack 2: Visualize Data in New Ways

A picture can be worth a thousand words, especially when uncovering insights! AI-powered visualizations help you see data differently.

  • Custom Charts and Graphs: Go beyond basic charts. Let AI suggest visualizations that highlight patterns and trends you might have missed.
  • Infographic Creation: Turn complex data into easy-to-understand infographics with the help of AI design tools.

Hack 3: Overcome Creative Blocks with AI

Feeling creatively stuck? AI can help you break through!

  • Thought Prompts: AI can provide questions or even random words to spark new directions in your thinking.
  • Breaking Barriers: Use AI to deliberately challenge your assumptions and come up with unconventional solutions.

Bonus: Create Images with Gemini in Google Slides

Create images with Gemini in Google Slides
Create images with Gemini in Google Slides [Source: Gemini Business Onboarding]

Need the perfect image for your presentation but can’t find it online?

Gemini can help! Within Google Slides:

  • Describe Your Image: Tell Gemini what you want to see, and it will try to generate an image for you.
  • Enhance Existing Images: Let Gemini adjust colors, lighting, or even add elements to your photos instantly.

AI: Your Creativity Power-Up

Think of AI as a tool to expand your thinking, not replace it. AI won’t necessarily give you all the answers, but it will open up new possibilities and give your creativity a jumpstart.

Ready to get creative?

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